How to use the Kira modules with Home Assistant

The Kira modules are one of Home Assistants built-in integrations as defined on this page:

The purpose of this guide is to go into a little more detail and provide some examples. It is possible to integrate the modules in two ways:

  • Kira module as a sensor (trigger Home Assistant to do something when a particular IR signal is received)

  • Kira module as a remote (emit an IR code when instructed by Home Assistant)

Some models (original Kira and Kira128) can be configured to act as a sensor (receiver) or as a remote (target) or even act as both when set to Standalone mode. The wireless models of Kiras are hardware specific so the receiver can only be integrated as a sensor and the transmitter can only be integrated as a remote.

If you are using two or more Kiras for point to point IR transfer across your network they can continue to perform this function whilst also acting as a sensor or remote for Home Assistant.

Please use the menus above to configure your modules according to your needs.

kira remote-home-assistant

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kira sensor-home-assistant

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