Final test

kiraw pair-cased-small

Once home reconnect the Receiver module to your network.

Step 8
Open the web pages. In the DDNS page enter the credentials you used at the remote location. In the Options page check “enable DDNS” then save and reboot. This will query the no-ip service to find the IP address associated with the hostname and set that as the target IP. After 30 seconds or so go to the config page and you should see that the target IP address has changed, (You may need to refresh the page).

Final Step
Now aim your remote at the Receiver and press a button. You should see a brief flash of the acknowledge LED to confirm that the data has been passed across the internet. At the location where the target is the IR code will have been blasted out and equipment controlled as you wished.

All done. GIve yourself a pat on the back!


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